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Ordering though HyperData

All orders have to be entered in the hyperdata system. You have to know the supplier code which you can check by looking at the list of known suppliers. Just type there name in the entry box at the top to see if they are already in the system. If not you can add them yourself. Note down the code before you go into the actual ordering procedure. A list of special supplier codes for us are:

CLRC    CLRC Daresbury laboratories
FLU1    Fluka chemicals
MRC     MRC stores
PFA     Pfalz & Bauer (heavy atom derivatives)
SIM3    Simply computers
SUP2    Charles Supper
XRA1    X-ray Research (MAR)
In the Comment section you have to give your room number and initials. If you are ordering from the MRC stores, the you also provide your cost centre # there.

Computer related items