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Displaying Greek characters

The equations and variables in crystallography tend to make heavy use of Greek characters, which have not always been treated well in all Web browsers on all platforms. Originally, I used the symbol font, which (with some tricks) usually worked at the time, but the use of such font markup has been deprecated and has stopped working on a number of browsers. At the moment, I'm using the extended character set, e.g. "&pi" for π. For complicated equations, I'm generating them with Equation Editor in Word and converting to GIF files. Eventually I may switch to MATHML, as the technology develops.

Here's a quick test to see if your browser will display the extended characters:


Did that appear as a Greek "pi"? If it's a "pi", then you're fine. If not, you can try another browser. If you still have no luck, let me know, so at least I can keep track of where problems arise!

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