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Current Version

Phaser-2.1.2: Note that this is an old version. The latest (usually reliable but not as exhaustively tested) version can be obtained as part of the Phenix package, while a recent stable version can be obtained as part of the CCP4 package.


14th Jan 2008

What to Download

  • Download the executable appropriate for your platform
  • If you have CCP4-5.0 or above installed, download phaser-ccp4i-2.1.tar.gz (unless you're installing under Windows, where the ccp4i files are included in the installation wizard)
  • If you have CCP4-4.2 installed, download phaser-ccp4i-4.2-extras.tar.gz as well as phaser-ccp4i-2.1.tar.gz
  • To install Phaser-2.1 from source (required for calling Phaser from python), use the phenix distribution of Phaser (free to academics). Source installation of Phaser-2.1 will be available through CCP4 with the imminent release of CCP4-6.1
  • Instructions

  • Except for windows, after downloading each file, unzip and untar the bundle and view the README file containing installation instructions
  • For windows, download the installer (exe file) and double-click

  • Download Platform Size Information
    phaser_ccp4i_2.1.tar.gz all 3.4K Phaser CCP4 GUI for CCP4-5.0 and above
    phaser-ccp4i-4.2-extras.tar.gz all 31K Phaser CCP4 GUI extras for CCP4-4.2 and below

    phaser-linux32-2.1.2.tar.gz 32-bit linux 4.7M Static executable; Licence
    phaser-linux64-2.1.2.tar.gz 64-bit linux 3.7M Static executable; Licence
    phaser-macosx-intel-2.1.2.tar.gz mac-os 10.4 Intel 2.7M Static executable; Licence
    phaser-macosx-ppc-2.1.2.tar.gz mac-os 10.4 PPC 2.6M Static executable; Licence
    phaser-tru64-2.1.2.tar.gz tru64 5.1 47M Static executable; Licence
    phaser-irix65-2.1.2.tar.gz irix65 14M Dynamic executable (requires crt.o); Licence
    phaser-windows-2.1.2.exe windows 1.2M Windows installer; ccp4i files; Licence

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